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How Do I Change Oracle Homes On Existing Connections?

I am using TOAD I originally had installed it using an Oracle 11g home, but now want to use a newly installed Oracle 12c home. I have the set the new Oracle Home as the TOAD default and all new connections are created using it. But I want to change my old 11g connections to use the new Oracle Home. When I try to change them via the dropdown, I get an error: “Can’t initialize OCI. Error - 1”, and it won’t connect, even when there are no other connections.

My question is: How can I change all the older connections (11g) to the new 12c Oracle Home?

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Sometimes those OCI DLLs don’t unload completely. So if you make a connection with one Oracle home, and then you want to change to a different Oracle home, sometimes you have to close Toad and restart it (with no autoconnects), then connect with the other Oracle home.

Yeah, I figured that out. What I want to do is to change the Oracle Home that the older connections are using from 11g to 12c. I can’t find anywhere to do that. It won’t let me change it on the logon screen.


If you want to change it and connect, just pick the row in the login window, then before you click “connect”, change the to the home you want in the “Connect Using” dropdown.

If you want to change the oracle home on a connection, but you don’t want to connect to it now, pick the connection in the grid, then click the “Edit Login Record” button (the 2nd one) at the top of the window. You can change “Connect using” in the dialog that appears.

I just had another thought - If you don’t need that 11g client anymore, you could just uninstall it…then Toad will automatically use the one remaining client, and you won’t have to make any edits in your connection list at all.

This worked. Thank you! I have all of the connections migrated to the Oracle 12c home now.