small problem when trying to change the "default Oracle Home for all connections"

Trying to change from 11g-home to 12c-home. All my current Toad connections showed 11g as the home.

Open Toad with no connections and set “Connect Using:” to 12c-home and check the “Make this the TOAD default home” box

If I open connections individually, they open with 12c-home – the “Connect using” displays 12c-home and is greyed out, which is what I want.

If I select multiple connections any of which are still 11g-home and Connect, those with 11g-home remain 11g-home. If all the connections I opening have 11g-home, not only do they remain 11g-home but the “Connect Using” now shows 11g-home and is greyed out. When I disconnect from all of the 11g-home connections, the “Connect Using” still display 11g-home greyed out. And the Executable display the 11g version. Same thing happen for Workspaces - if any of the connections is 11g, Toad set 11g-home as the --preferred home?-- “make this the TOAD default home” checkbox is NOT checked, but the Connect Using displays 11g-home greyed out and Executable show 11g directory.

As for workspaces, I have 4 connections, each of which I’ve changed to 12c-home. But opening the workspace reverts all 4 connections back to 11g-home - the 12c-home changes I just made are gone. Will I have to manually set all workspace connections to 12c-home, and recreate my workspaces?

I think the easiest thing to do here is just delete the 11g home from your computer, assuming you don’t need it any more. Then you shouldn’t have to do anything in Toad. If it can’t find the 11g home, it will just use the home it knows about - your 12c home.

I do need both. We are transitioning, and I’ll need to support both for quite awhile.

I’m not sure about workspaces, so hopefully one of the other devs will speak up about that.

If I were you, I’d open my Connections.XML file with notepad (with Toad not running of course).

Find (your 11g home), replace with (your 12c home)

Not sure if that will solve the rest of the problems but it’s a start.