How do I check SharePoint Connection in Automation that imports List Data

I have an issue that keeps popping up now and again when one of my automation scripts tries to import data from a SharePoint list but can not obtain at connection to SharePoint.

The import wizard drops the existing table, but can’t import any data. So the table remains empty.

I need to refresh the data in this table on a daily basis, but every now and then it fails and manual intervention is required.

Is there a way to setup the import wizard so it will check the SharePoint connection and then abort before deleting the existing table?

As this is part of an automation script, could I use a logic gate before the import begins to identify if a SharePoint connection has been successful?

Any help welcome.



Try the following. Put any database activity before ImportWizard activity. It might be Select To Editor with Results. This activity should connect to SharePoint and run some simple query. Select ‘Stop On Error’ in the description activity. In this case if connection fails then script stops. You can get email about this if you also check ‘Send email when an error occurs’ checkbox in the Description activity.



I have one problem with your proposed solution…

The Data Import Wizard connects to the SharePoint List using the Option>Environment>SharePoint>Site URL

I don’t have a database connection for SharePoint setup in the Navigation Manager. So I’m unable to configure the activity as you suggested.

Any other way to achieve this?