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How do I create Variables under the Formatting Rules Condition Editor

Is it possible to create user defined Variables that can be selected and used in the Condition Editor (see attached image)?

When I create new Parameters in my report Field List they are shown and available in the Conditon Editor. But I don’t know where Variables can be created.

I have tried the Scripts tab using Dim myVariable = “ABC”;
But this variable did not display.

Any advice and guidence welcome.

Thank you ina advance.




I don’t quite see what you want to do. How are parameters and variables different? In Data Reports to define the parameter in the field list as you say and when executing report you enter value in the submit window.

Can you provide more details on what you want to do?


Hi Debbie,

It was my understanding that parameters are for values you enter when executing a report, while variables are used to hold a constant or logic changed value which helps automation and does not require user input at runtime.

I have a report with restricted space and want to substitute a column of data containing long text strings with three character abbreviations. These text strings are known and constant (should not change). However if the value is null or unknown I need to display ‘UKN’.

I originally trying to use embedded Iif(, , ) functions to do this but could not get this to work.

In the past I have used variables in Crystal Reports to reformat data values (computer numeric values into user understandable text strings) and have the same need in TDA.

Are you saying that in TDA a parameter is what I should create for use in say a Select Case or IF statement?



Experimenting a little bit more I decided to use Calculated Fields and the built-in Expression Builder.

This did what I was wanting to do using variables.

Good to hear.