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How can I show parameters in a Data Report Builder report

In a (paginated) I’m building with the Data Report Builder in TDP I would like to show what parameters I used to generate the report . I see “Parameters” as possible “Data Binding” of a “label” but if I select that as “Databinding” it reverts to “none”. I’ve also tried adding the name of the parameter as preceded with a “:” or in between "#"s but that didn’t show the runtime parameters used.


May I ask you what version of TDP do you use?

I just tested this in without any problems. That’s how I defined the binding on label:



Thanks for checking it out.

I’m using TDP 64 bit(Trial). I see the same as you except for the (dropdown) triangle to the left of “Parameters”, also selecting Parameters under Properties->Text->binding does not work, slecting Parametrs reverts to none here too.


I’ve just tested 64-bit and it works for me too. I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by “the triangle to the left of Parameters”. Does this mean you don’t have any parameters defined?


Thanks for checking.

I have 2 parameters in the SQL, I'm prompted for them when I preview or run the report. Yet if I use the .tdr file in an automation I'm not warned about the existence of parameters/variables in the file. Running that automation will result in empty reports and setting variables for these parameters in the automation does have these parameter values define the results of the report.

Is there a way of specifically defining these parameters in Data Reports that I missed?

ETA. I found a way to 'define' parameters by right clicking the Parameter symbol in the field list window. These Parameters don't seem to influence the run-time parameters from the SQL statement. When executing the report I now am prompted for parameters twice:

Only the Bind-variables seem to be used in the the execution of the report.