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Prompt for variable

What is the syntax and where must it be added to be prompted for variables i.e. Start Date & End Date to then run the report with those limitations?

I assume there must also be initially a defining of the type of variable as well such as: Date, String or number? So, where is this done in Toad as well?

Hi Bruce,

Is it question about Toad Data Modeler? If so, can you describe your request in more detail, please?



Hi Mario,

Perhaps inquiry should be in Toad Data Point? But question is with modeling information from a database where you wish to have an operator prompted for: the start
& end dates of the data to pull in. This would permit

The “same” report to be used over different time periods at will. This I can do in Crystal Reports already, but understand is “new” option to Toad. I am in release
5 so should have it available? I need the syntex to do so in Toad, and where is must be placed in program, as well at how to provide the parameter background descriptions as a string, date, number etc. for the variables.

Not rocket science so perhaps there is an example out there somewhere? I am new to toad but not computer modeling…used to be an APL programmer.



It's look like issue for Toad Data Point and not for Toad Data Modeler. If it is question or idea for Toad Data Point, please change category of this issue.

Thank you,