How do I show multiple data grids in the same session

I just started re-using TOAD, and the version at my new company doesn’t do what an old version did several years ago.

When I start up a sql editor and run one command, the data grid populates. But if I run a different command, it re uses that data grid. I would like to see tabs of each data grid instead of one per sql editor. That way I can go back and see what was going on in the first results and compare to the second.

Does toad allow this? I thought it used to.

[Edit] Using version Toad for Oracle 8.6.1

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I have the same question.
Multiple grids is the default for Toad SAP but I can't find the option in Toad Oracle

Hi buddy, what you out finally found out yet?

Neol Smith

Toad for Oracle never did this that I can recall (I've been here since Toad 7.3).

But what you can do as a workaround - right-click in the grid and choose "Export Dataset", then in the dialog that appears, choose "XLS Instance" as the export format and click OK. That will launch Excel and put the data in there. If you do that again, a new sheet will be created in Excel and data sent to the new sheet.

Hi, any update over this?