Display two different select statements in the data grid

Hello I've just started using TOAD and I really admire lots of its features but there's something bothers me:

I cannot see two different select statement's result in two tabs like SQL Developer or SQL Management Studio.

Maybe you might think that is a good idea and put this feature in one of next versions of TOAD? Thank you!

Here's one way to do it.  If you have the latest version 13.x of Toad/Oracle, then select View->Options and highlight the "General" page.  You'll see the "Application Style" options... by default, Toad has always used MDI (Multiple Document Interface.)  Select SDI instead, and restart Toad.

The SDI setting will allow most panels/windows in Toad to "float".  You'll be able to drag them anywhere, including from monitor to monitor.  Then, it's easy to bring up two separate instances of the Editor, execute your two different queries, and then position the two Data Grids side by side for easy viewing.

The idea is not with SDI.

The idea is have two select, and execute the two select one time.
The grid of output is split in two grid with date of one select and data of other select,

The microsft sql manager have this option.

See the image.
The idea is like the image

Ah, you mean, like this? When you execute the contents of the Toad Editor as a script, the Script Output tab should show the individual data grids. Hope this gets you closer!

Is not the same.

To compare the select i need change tab focus. When i see data in grid1 i not see data in grid2.

Other solution is two editor, and rezise the windows of editor to view the data of grid1 and grid2.
But this solution reduce the size of data grid in ecran

how can obten the two grid.
when i execute two select only have the grid of last select, and in script output don't have the grids

Another option is to use the Single Doc Interface (choose SDI in Toad options for Toad version 13.0 and above), run each query in a separate editor, then drag one of the editor and its data grid underneath the other grid, or even drag one of the editor/grids to a separate monitor to maximize your screen viewing real estate.