How do i use simple navigator?

1st, thank you for the latest release.

I was looking for documentation for simple navigation but could not find any.

How do i populate the 1st drop down of the simple navigation?

Those lists are populated automatically based on the structure of your code. The left list is going to be top-level statements, objects, etc. The right list is going to be sub-objects. In the case of a script containing a bunch of create table and insert statements, only the left list will populate. When you have a package as in your screenshot the right list will show the package members. The lists update as you move your caret around in the code. If you select an item from the left or right list your caret will jump to the appropriate location.

ok, i thought I can have the list filled all my packages that I have open.


It works on the active editor tab. If you have more than one package in a single file then you will see all of them in the left list. If you have multiple packages opened where each is in its own tab the simple navigator will not show objects across multiple open tabs. Think of the simple navigator as a slimmed down version of the full blown navigator that is docked to the left by default. The full navigator shows a lot of detail about parameters, variables, datatypes, etc. The simple navigator is a brief outline of your code, but lacks the detail.

I like how clean the window is when I remove the full blown navigator. Looks good. Was trying to remove the file navigation too

this is what I was thinking i can remove, but what you did was good.

This is a mess when i put it on top.

just found this when the files are on top. Can be helpful when i am on my laptop.

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