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Missing navigator

When opening a package body from the editor and clicking a p_package_name, without a function name, the navigator is blank and takes a few minutes to respond. With a function name it works ok ,but still take some time.

It happened again, attached is the output file. I went into sql editor, pasted
"P_TRADE.SELECT_TRADE_BY_ID", double clicked on the procedure name. Toad hung for 5 minutes and then came back to life. I checked out the log file, thinking maybe the db was slow, but all queries are under a second. The screen was flickering during this time, but i had no control.

not sure why, but there is a 3 minute gap

toad.txt (39.3 KB)

Could it be that your connection was timed out? I know you didn't get any "connection lost" type message but that's what it sounds like.

I can recreate the issue ever time in beta14. I just tested beta14 and 13.2 side by side. 13.2 takes 10 seconds, while beta can take 3-5 minutes. The queries look the same in both environments, what can i check for next?

beta.txt (3.3 KB) toad132.txt (3.0 KB)

ToadBetaini.txt (24.6 KB) Toad13ini.txt (22.0 KB)

I'm not quite following you on how you reproduce this. Can you reproduce the long delay just by opening your package from the Editor's Load from Database window? At that point the Editor should parse the text and then load the Navigator. Is that slow, too, or is the double clicking you mentioned earlier required? Can you share your package code as well? I'll send you a direct message with my email address if you can send me the code and detailed steps to reproduce it.


I am also able to repro this using my local db on my desktop. Most of the network latency is removed and still have the issue.

Found the original issue. When I double click the package from the schema browser, the package opens and i can work on the package, but the navigator is empty for 2 minutes(toad is not frozen). When I click from sql editor toad is frozen, until the navigator comes back.

steps to repro

open sql window
double click on P_TRADE.SELECT_TRADE_BY_ID

I will send you the package in the email.

here is the package. thanks

(Attachment p_trade.pks is missing)

(Attachment p_trade.pkb is missing)

You can skip all the loading from the db, I just pasted the package body code into the editor and it took 2 minutes for the navigator, Toad did not freeze, but the navigator took 2 minutes to draw.

to repro:
I took the body code i emailed you and pasted into the editor.

Thanks for your code. I can reproduce it and will log this defect. You have 2 options as a workaround...

  1. If you do not use Code Analysis, disable it by unchecking "Check Rules as you type" on the "Code Analysis | General" page in Toad's Options.
  2. If you use Code Analysis you can copy the RuleUniverse.xml from your prior Toad install folder and replace the one in your beta folder with the older. Do this with Toad closed. You will need to do this every time you install a newer beta update.

Thank you, I chose #1. I usually run this manually. THANKS!!!!