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I am not sure what happened but I have Toad for Oracle and the navigator panel no longer appears when I drag/drop a new file to open of a .pkb .

Thanks in advance for your help.

Right-click in Editor, check Navigator on the Desktop flyout.

I am able to see it in the empty editor window, but not in the window where I have opened a pkg.pkb.
Editor Navigator Panel.jpeg

Did you try checking Navigator on the context menu? Your empty tab is a SQL style tab, your .pkb tab is PL/SQL. Functionally the 2 tab styles are the same, but each uses its own desktop layout so you can hide tabs for debugging when working with DML, etc. Try my earlier suggestion on the tab that hides the Navigator.

I am having a similar issue. I can right click on Editor > Desktop Panels > Navigator and the navigator will show in my pkb package. But if the next file I open and work on is a .sql then the navigator goes away - which is correct. However when I get into a package again the navigator used to still show up but now it goes away. Basically each time I work on a .sql file it hides the navigator which is my preference but it hides it FOR EVERYTHING instead of just the .sql files. The packages should ALWAYS have the navigator and they used to. This is recent to the version. It’s frustrating me.

Thanks for the steps I can reproduce in this way. As a workaround, if you save your PLSQL Desktop with the Navigator open already then it will stick. I’ll log this.


It seems to only stick until the next time you save a .sql file. Then that is what it remembers. It’s weird.