Toad Intelligence Central - Automation script by active directory user

I am attempting to publish an automation script on TIC. The script contains 2 “refresh snapshot” activities and 1 “execute script” activity. I then get the message “We do not currently support publishing automation scripts that contain connections made by Active Directory users. Please modify or remove the following connections before publishing:” The connection that is listed is my connection to TIC. I have tried changing all of the connections that I am allowed to change to a different connection, but continue to get the same error message. Any ideas as to how to solve this?

The Active Directory user restriction was something that was lifted in TDP 3.8. We released a new beta build for it last week if you are interested.…/26752

Ryan, Thank you for the response.

Do you have an update on when the production version of TDP 3.8 is scheduled for release?

We plan to release TDP 3.8 the first week of Dec.