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Issues Deploying TIC from Data Point

I have created and tested a Data Comparison script in Toad Data Point 5.4 and have run into multiple issues in trying to deploy to TIC.

First Issue - My data compare contained 36 tables. Deployment reported that my code was "too complex"

Resolution - I split my data compare into 4, 3 sets of 10 and a 4th one with 6. I retested locally and it still worked. This compared about 40 million rows in 12 minutes.

Second issue - This revised automation script deployed successfully, but there is no "path" on the properties. Attempting to execute on TIC just runs forever. I attempted to cancel after 85 minutes, and the cancellation never completed. I ended up deleting the automation script.

I have been successful in deploying and executing smaller scope items to TIC. I don't understand why this one does not work. Any guidance or tips would be appreciated!

Clarification: When I said there is no "path", this is what I was referring to. Here's a screen shot of the successful automation, viewing TIC from Data Point:

Here is the one that is not working:

I don't receive any errors during the Publish step, but I have to believe this is the cause of the issue.

Hi - sorry we missed this port. I would suggest reaching out to support on this. If you have any issues with that - you can DM me and I can see what I can do to help diagnose this.