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How does Team Coding work across database refreshes?

In our environment we refresh our dev and QA databases from our production environment about every 6 months. We have a variety of Oracle 9i and 11g databases. We are interested in using Team Coding but, if I understand it correctly, the Team Coding objects are installed directly on the database. If the database is refreshed I would expect that the Team Coding objects would be destroyed during that refresh.

My quetions are:

  1. Am I right about the Team Coding objects?
  2. How do other shops deal with database refreshes and Team Coding?
  3. If the objects do get destroyed during a refresh, if they are re-installed post refresh is anything lost with regards to Team Coding? I understand that the objects themselves are saved to a source control system, we use Subversion, but from the database perspective is there any loss?

A little more detail about our environments:

  • We work in a variety of 9i and 11g databases
  • We currently use Subversion for source control of our database files (packages, procedures, ad hoc SQL, etc.)
  • The developers work on Windows 7 machines for development with a unix environment supporting our databases and any scripting needs.
  • Database refreshes are based around Snap/Clone technology (intentionally vague because my team doesn’t really understand that)

If I am unclear in my question or I am not understanding Team Coding correctly, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for a kindly response.