Copy Column

Hello TDM community,

is there any way to copy a column from table A to table B, specially when the column has a Domain ? background, I added a new column to table A and wouldlike to have the same column in 10 other tables.


Hi Ilja,

Yes, you can copy columns. There are several ways how to do it.
Please watch:

Or see the Help file, Index tab, type “attribute”, select “copy”.

The attribute should be copied with the domain.



Hi Ilja,

sure this is available. Please see the following video:

or see help file section Model | Entity Relationship Diagram | Attributes | Copy attributes (or click the Index tab in help file and type “copy”).



thanks you two for the link,helpsme a lot.


The links giving in the above topic is not working anymore. Can you someone check

Good morning Senthilvelrajan,
Sorry for delay, I've tried to find original videos. I've found them, but those are SWF files and content refers to version of Toad Data Modeler released before 12 years.
In modern Toad Data Modeler you have several options how to copy attributes:

  • Copy attributes on workspace
  • Copy Attributes in Entity Properties form (Attributes tab ... similar technique as above = Drag&Drop to Move or Drag&Drop with pressed CTRL to Copy)

  • Copy Attributes in Model Explorer (via Clipboard)


  1. select attribute(s) in source entity
  2. press CTRL+C
  3. select destination entity
  4. press CTRL+V