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How to change the background color of the entity attribute list

While I can change the entity name background, I can’t find any way of changing the attribute list. Right now the background color is a gradient light gray to dark gray, making it very difficult to read the gray nullable attribute names How can the color be changed?

Hi Dan - in Settings -> Options -> Physical Model on the Entity tab you can set the colors for the Attributes. You can change the color for the Optional Attribute which should make it easier to read.


The forum software is a bit strange. I can reply to myself but not you. In any case…

Thanks for the help. This makes the text a bit easier to read, but what I really want to do is to change the entity background color to white. Any way to do that?



There is an option on the Format Menu on the Shape tab to Use Brush Color for Full Shape and this will set the background of the entity to the same color as the entity title box. The development teams monitors this forum daily and they may know of a better way of doing this.


the option Use Brush Color for Full Shape works only in IE notation where you can choose if you wish to set color for entity header or whole the entity box. The IDEF1X notation uses fully colored entity boxes, see below.

IE notation:


IE notation with Use Brush Color for Full Shape option activated:


IDEF1X notation (entity header is above the box and is always transparent):