How to conditionally change color in Toad Data Reports

I need to make a number Red in color when exceeding a value in Toad Data Reports.
This article says how to do this but I can't get it to work.

I can create a new style but I can't seem to find the Expression editor on the properties page. If I right click on the field in the designer I can invoke the Expression Editor but the expression does not apply the style based on value of the column.

Can someone at Quest give this a try and see what I am doing wrong?

I figured it out. I took out the expression at the field level. Now I go to the row and expand the Styles section in the properties. If I click on the very tiny square to to very right of the Style line I can invoke another Style Expression editer. This will accept the expression to toggle styles based on field value. Yay!!

Yup, was just going to explain that... took some exploration on my own to find the control also. I'm sharing my screen snapshot, below, simply because I took the "easier" route and simply introduced the conditional expression at the data item's font (foreground) color property. However, if you have more advanced properties for your condition (e.g. different color AND italic AND border AND, etc.) then you'll use a custom Style and then form an expression that uses your Style/s conditionally.

Nice job on finding the control.

That's fascinating and simpler! I like it! Thanks. (Since I have 10 other reports that I need to use this on. :smiley:)

Yay! Glad to shave a few minutes off your days... :wink: