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Conditional formatting in Toad reports


We’re using Toad for Data Analysts with an Oracle 9 database for reports. As I said in my earlier post, I’m new to Toad and struggling to figure some aspects out.

A previous employee created Toad reports that have conditional formatting, i.e., colors of text boxes and other features are driven by the values of certain fields.

I can’t find any documentation on this anywhere and no one at work knows how this was done. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help.



You probably want to ask on the Toad for Data Analysts forum.



Thanks Greg. 2 hours searching this morning and never turned that up!


I can’t figure out which of the formatter options controls for formatting of an

Can someone give me a hint? Or better yet, outright tell me.




Hello Mike,

For now expression lists such as found in IN (…) just stack on line overflow.
Adding a control is on the to do list …




Thanks for the info Andre! Hope it gets implemented soon. With all of the
wonderful things the formatter does, this seems like glaring deficiently.

Michael J. Moore

PL/SQL Developer