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how to connect to database using toad


hi all…

i would like to connect database using toad…may i know how to start with?

i just downloaded toad for oracle12.6.


Do you have an Oracle client installed as well? You’ll need this installed before you can connect.

If not, you can download one of these (be sure to use the 32-bit client with a 32-bit Toad and the 64-bit with 64-bit Toad).

32 bit ->…/

64 bit ->…/


i downloaded instant client and able to connect to toad successfully,but i have one more question.when i try to debug procedure im not able to do there any way how can i debug with trail version??


Hi Bharghavi,

As Daniel Suggested You could download from those Links which Provided and after Installation -->

Click On session Option. u Will Find a new Connection option. Provide all the Corresponding Details of the Database you would like to Connect. Provide all the Details like PORT NO,Service Name, Username, Password Etc., to Connect to the Database.

If you Dont have any Database as well !! Try to Download the Oracle Database 11i and the oracle may automatically provides Some options for it…


Praveen Sai Kaligotla