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Connect Toad freeware with Oracle express Edition, How?


I want to teach/learn myself Oracle by working with the Oracle express edition. I have downloaded the SQL Developer and I can work with it, which means I can create a connection.

On my work we are working with TOAD, so I like to have Toad working as well.

If i try to make a connection:

  • “No valid clients found. You need at least one 64-bit client properly configured”

If I click on TNSNames editor:

  • Access violation in address xxxxxxx at module TOAD.exe"

I have installed oracle at D:\ORACLE_HOME. In this directory is also a TNSNAMES.ORA file.

I have installed the express edition with the installer. I have first installed the Oracle express edition and later TOAD.

I’m working on my local machine with:

  • windows 7 Home
  • Oracle 32 bit client:
  • Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - Production
    - PL/SQL Release - Production
    - “CORE Production”
    - TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    - NLSRTL Version - Production
  • TOAD 64-bit freeware.


  • Are there certain environment variables necessary? Does TOAD expect Oracle at a certain directory?
  • Is it necessary to add something to the PATH environment variable?
  • 32-bit Oracle client will working with the 64-bit TOAD freeware?**

Unfortunately my question is still not answered.

Altough, I try it with googling, I’m a bit amazed. I had expected that some else should have had this problem as wel.

Maybe, I have to install toad 32-bit because of it is a 32-bit Oracle client.

Otherwise, what is otherwise left? Keep on working with SQL Developer…

Ok, yesterday evening I have deinstalled the 64 bit Toad version, reboot the system and installed the 32-bit freeware Toad version.

But this version doesn’t start at all!!! If I click on the icon, i see twice for two or three seconds a turning circle, and then nothing. I can run every other program.

In the event viewer I see a failure in TOAD.exe with a memory adres, but further not a message which give me a direction to look for.

Do I have todo something with ODBC?
Do I have something to read? Is there specific documentation to install Toad freeware 64-bit/32-bit with Oracle express edition 11g?

Has anybody an idea? Or is Toad freeware not interesting?