TOAD Version for Oracle 7 Database


We are having Oracle 7 Database here.

Can anyone please tell which version of TOAD can be used to connect to Oracle 7 database?

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V9.7 and lower.

And you’ll need to have an Oracle 8i client (maybe oracle 9i) as newer
versions of SQL Net disable connecting to such old versions of Oracle ….

Thanks for your replies.

I am sorry, I am pretty new to TOAD, please pardon me if these questions seem trivial.

I was under the impression that we can either use Oracle Client (SQL +) or TOAD to connect to Database. TOAD, as far as I know, does not need any Client to be installed (with it) and can directly connect to the Oracle database.

Having said that, the way I understand, I should either have TOAD 8i (or 7i) or have Oracle Client (SQL +) 8i (or 7i) to connect to Oracle 7 database. Is my understanding correct?

Currently, I have Toad 9i and when I view the drop down of Oracle Clients (while creating new connection), it shows Oracle10g in the list. I tried connecting to Oracle 7 database and got an error, something like: “You need Client version less than 8.1.7 or less to connect to Oracle 7”. (Which seems obvious now)

Should I ask my Team for older version of TOAD (8i/7i) or Oracle Client SQL+ (7i/8i)?

Thanks for your time !!

Can any1 point me to a downloadable 8i? or 7i? I am also trying to connect to oracle 7 using toad.