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how to connect to enable ssl for PostgreSQL reverse engineering in TOAD DM


Similar to this post for standard TOAD -->

I need to connect my Toad DM 5.4 model to a Postgresql 9 instance in Heroku, which requires SSL. There is no option for SSL that appears in the connections screen, and none of my attempts to add a connection string parameter (e.g. SSL=True or UseSSL=True) have worked. I keep getting the message : “Connection failed because of the following error: “no pg_hba.conf entry for host “”, user 'asldfkjdslfkadsfl”, database “lksdfjsdlsdlfjk”, SSL off” I know I need to enable SSL for any connection to my Heroku hosted PostgreSQL database, but I can’t figure out how to do this in the TOAD DM Connections setup.


Hello Paul,

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to enforce SSL PostgreSQL connection, even when using custom connection string. I have created a CR TDM-1739 to implement direct support for SSL connections, so you should be able to connect to your database in one of the future versions of TDM.




Possible workaround: It might be possible to establish SSL connection via psqlODBC driver 8.01.002 and later (without certificate). Please give it a try.