How to convert a model to other DBMS?


how can I use the converter like I use, if I go the manuel way (File -> Sync & Convert -> Sync & Convert Wizard -> Convert Model To Another Target Database System)?

I want to convert my MS SQL 2005 model to MySQL 5.0 and Oracle 9i.

If I use the wizard I do following step:
1.) Select Left Side (Source Model): Current open model
2.) Select Right Side (Target Database Platform): MySQL 5.0
3.) Settings:
3a) Comment Out Database Specific Items: disable (!!)
3b) Resolve Application Variables: disable (default)
3c) Log Process to File: disable (default)
4.) Select Object Types and Properties: Convert all
5.) New Model Name: Old Modelname added by “MySQL50”

I think the class Convertor is my friend. But how I have to use this class?

Thanks a lot.


Currently you cannot use scripting to do what Sync & Convert wizard offers. It is too complicated task to automate synchronization (or conversion) and some settings need to be defined via GUI.



Is there no chance to set the settings via script and run the job via script?
I’ve always the same settings, because the converting is a “post processing” process. I maintain my main model (using MS SQL 2005) and convert that model to Oracle 9i and MySQL 5.0. The steps to clean up the converted models are already scripted.

There is a class named Convertor. There are two properties Converting and Altering. So I think, I can use this, or not?

Thanks for your time.

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