How to copy attributes

I have several tables that will have 4 columns that are the same and would like to be able to copy from one table to the next instead of creating the same attributes over and over.

I tried to look in the help file and could not find the answer? I tried both in the production and latest beta.

How can I copy attributes?


Check out these movies:

Please note that some of these features might work only in the 3.1 version.


Yes, please watch the movies.

Note: In v. 3.1, copy of multiple attributes between entities in WS is possible. In previous versions, only one attribute could be copied this way.

The movies section is available at:

To the documentation:
There are multiple options on how to copy attributes. The options are documented properly.
You write you can’t find it in the Help file. - Please open the Help file | Index tab and type “attribute” - list of topics on attribute will be displayed. Select ‘Copying’.

Please use the Index tab for quick search of topics in the docs.

If you have any questions, please write me back.



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Great. Thanks!!!