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How to create a variable filter in Toad


Is it possible to create a variable filter in Toad that would prompt a user to enter in parameters each time they run the query? For example, a variable filter on YEARMONTH?


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In Toad all you have to do is put :VariableName ( i.e. :DateInput) in your where clause. Example: Where SomeTable.DateOfService between :StartDt and :EndDt. when the user runs this query in Toad it will prompt them for two values. The better you make the variable names the more likely they will understand what to put in them. There is a prompting syntax you can use also that includes prompting text where you can show them the format of how you want them to enter something and any other helpful text as well. It is a little more complicated so I recomend starting with simple (just :variableName) and see if that works for you.