How to display cursor results from a procedure?

How do you run a procedure and see the results of the cursor? In Toad for Oracle you have the option to fetch into memory or dbms_ouput but that option does not seem available in Toad Edge. Is there some hidden option that needs to be changed?

Thank you!

Hmmm, could be an enhancement suggestion, but until then, maybe you need to execute the function in a block and then fetch?

Thank you for responding.

No, while we could do that if we only had a few we needed to test, we're migrating from Oracle to PG and have thousands of procedures that return cursors to be used with a reporting engine, we do not want to modify them for testing. This is a pretty common db task, why is it missing?

Not sure why it's missing, but I've confirmed that it is a request that's been defined in our enhancements backlog.