How to download over half a million rows to a file

Hello…I’m using Toad for Sql Server, version

I have over half a million rows I need to provide to another work group who will upload the data in an entirely different and disconnected system so they can run some tests on it. I’m hoping there’s a way to download my data to a file I can FTP to them. The Export feature only lets me export about 70k rows. I haven’t found a way, if there is one, of increasing that capacity.

Thank you for considering my question.


Hi Alan,

Sorry about that I can’t reproduce your problem and can export data more than half a million, follows are my steps

Right click a table that include data more than half a million | Send to | Export Wizard… finally can generated a file.csv.

Can you kindly provide detail steps and some screenshot to help us to locate the problem.

By the way, we have already upload Beta, welcome to download. The link as follows.

Skila Zheng