How to edit underlying SQL in Toad Pivot Grid

Is it possible to see or edit the underlying data in a pivot grid?

I’ve got a previously created Pivot grid that used to open fine.

However now, when I open it nothing is displayed and I get an

Oracle error, invalid number of arguments. ORA-00909.

I was wondering if something was off in the SQL or original

data connection that was used to create the pivot grid.

Thanks in advance


if you have your pivot grid with saved Query and with some (old)data you should be able right click to grid and here is an option for editing query.


That may be the problem, I don’t remember the name of the original query

that I used to create the Pivot Grid.

Is there a way to find that out, or should I just delete the grid and start


I believe that because you see the error your Query should be inside your file. What items do you see in your context menu? Don’t you see Edit Underlying Query?

Can you edit your file manually and check if SQL is not there?