How to force page breaks in TDA Reports

I have a working report with data fields in the groupHeaderBand as well as the detailBand. I would like to force a page break everytime the value of one of the data fields in the groupHeader changes. How is this done? I found no references in the Help - seems like it should be a standard feature of a reporting program.

To cause a page break after a detail band, select the detail band and in the properties window set the Page Break attribute to After The Band. See screenshot.


Great. I had totally missed the “Page Break” behavior.
Actually I applied it to the groupHeaderBand and used “Before the Band” to get the needed result.
Thanks a ton.

Mnnnn…now I am learning something. Pretty Cool:)

On this post there is a “field list” on the right hand side. I have some how removed it on my screen and I can’t figure out how to get it back, can anyone help?

You are not alone on this one. See this post for solution.


I notice this is referencing ver. 2.7, we are a little behind I am still using ver. 2.1. Will this still work?

Yes. Same solution for 2.1.


P.S. When you get a chance try to upgrade to 2.7. Lot’s of good stuff in it.