Update diagrams modifications in database

Hello !!

WhenI make changes to my diagram of an identity is no way to synchronize itwith the table I have in the database or generate a script for that change, eg add a field in a table in the diagram and then somehow I synchronize that change to add that field in the database.

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You have made changes in your model and need to apply the changes in your database.
Solution: Generate alter script in Toad Data Modeler.
Then you will have to use a third party software to execute the script in your database. E.g. if you use Oracle db, you can use Toad for Oracle.

How to generate alter script in TDM:

  1. Open your model.
  2. Open the Sync&Convert Wizard.
  3. On page Select Right Side, click the Reverse Engineering Alias option and connect to your database.
  4. Go through other steps of the wizard.
    Please watch the following movie:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.