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How to import data from excel and update or insert

So I have a table of data in my db with multiple columns. Essentially they are product codes, prices and information on the product. As with all sales people I need to be able to change the prices regularly to reflect supplier price or margin increases or decreases.

So I need to be able to import from excel or csv my new prices. I do not want to create new records for the same product, just update existing product.

Is there anyone out there who know how to do this using Toad for MySQL?

Thank you

Currently import only inserts or appends rows. You can only truncate a table and insert all new rows.

We do have an outstanding request to add update and delete to our import. I could not find the Cr number so entered CR92041 for your request.


Thanks Debbie, that’s a shame though. This application is really very useful already and it seems a shame to have to use another one for just one task. Do you think they will implement and change to software very quickly?

I agree that supporting update and delete would be very useful. Let me put in a strong word for this feature and see what I can do. It would have to be part of a larger release such as 3.5, not the next one that is planned (3.1).

No promises, but I’ll see what I can do.


I just got my 3.8, and to my great disapointment this still appears to be unavailable.
Hopefully others will join me in supporting this change so Debbie will tip the scales for a near future release.

Edit: Ooops. Debbie didit looks like. :smiley: Compare does exactly what I want, and then some.