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Connection in Excel


I am just learning SQL so bear with me. I have written sql to pull in the latest information, dowloaded it to an excel file, created pivots etc but I dont want to have to create all the pivots and charts weekly so is there a way to create a connection in Excel and import refreshed data from Toad?


To pull data from an Excel file and import it to a table, rt-click the table in the Schema Browser and choose “Import Data” A wizard will guide you through the process.

You can also send data to Excel from an Oracle table. To do that, rt-click the table in the Schema Browser (or a data grid anywhere in Toad) and choose “Export Data”.


You have a couple options here - and I am not an Excel expert so forgive me if some of my advice is not spot on :slight_smile:

You could create an external data link in Excel to your database and simply refresh the data. So design and test query in toad, then cut/paste that query into Excel external data link so that Excel gets data live from database when you say refresh.

Option #2 - you could use toads app designer to automate the process of running the query and exporting the data to Excel. Too much to explain - go read blogs on toad world that tell about this great feature, show examples - and there are even videos on it.