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I know there is a way to import data from Excel. The problem I am having is as followed.
I would like to have a spreadsheet which people can update information. I would like for that information to be pulled into Toad and then a query ran that creates a new report in which the and items typed into the spreadsheet are removed for the final report. I have been viewing videos and looking on Google all day in order to find this. Any advice?

I'm not 100% sure I follow you but I think it can be done.

If you could work up a simple example with a sample spreadsheet and sample table (maybe based on SCOTT.EMP), and be clear on what you are trying to accomplish (what you want to delete and what you mean exactly by "report") I think I can get you there. I just need something a little more concrete to work with.

This video shows how to delete rows from the EMP table based on the contents of an XLSX file. The rows with EMPNO in the 1000's will be deleted.

Points to note:

  1. a key must be specified if Toad does not automatically identify it.
  2. the "preview results" step shows the contents of the file...this is not how your table will look after the process.
  3. On the last step, choose the "Delete" import mode, and also set a commit option.