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How to maintain data models using version control system in TDM ?



Does anyone knows how to use version control systems in TDM. I am trying to find out is there any option to control the data models using Version Control Systems.

I followed some steps updated in “Help” menu under “Version Control Systems” topic but it didn’t help.

  1. Settings --> Options --> Version Control Systems --> I picked Type as “Subversion” <---- Till here I am able to follow , later on in the “Help” menu they asked to fill the user name and password.

  2. However I do not see an option to enter the username and pw in my TDM [ Even though If I have that option, how will I get my username and pw ? ]

For now I am saving my data models on my own name , by naming it as XXXXXX_PDM v1.000a , XXXXXX_PDM v1.000b etc…

I believe TDM has some feature on version control between different data models, it would be great if someone helps me on how to maintain the models with version control system in TDM.

Thanks !!


Hello Rajes,
there are two basic concept how work with subversion in TDM.

  1. When you set subversion settings in Main Menu - Settings - Options - Version Control settings. Be sure that you set combobox Type to “Subversion”., On Subversion page below this combobox you need set path to svn.exe (TDM doesn’t has subversion client you need to install one). Very important is Working Directory. It is define what files will be versioned, because only files on this folder and subfolder can be versioned. In Remote repository path you can define location of your repository user name and password. Now when you save model to Working Directory you will see in application window Subversion toolbar and popup menu subversion in model context menu and you will be able to work with svn.

  2. Second way is during project. Each project can has separate settings of subversion, that is similar as global settings. In this case you can define different working directory, and different repository.