Anyone using Toad Data Modeler files with a version control system?

I was wondering if any users check in and out the actual Toad Data Modeler files manually using a Version Control System?

Devin Gallagher
Quest Software

Hi Devin,
We considered integrating the TDM model files into our ClearCase environment. This would have been our preferred solution to version control.
However our version of ClearCase handles XML files as binary files which means we would be unable to perform merges on our ClearCase integration and main branches.
We chose to use TDM Version Manger for the moment. We will only put models that define a build, along with the generated DDL, etc into ClearCase.
We can discuss this outside the forum if you need further details.

I may say we do, currently using SVN as our version control system, to keep things together and update and commit everything at once.