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TDM - Seeking guidance / experiences in options for Working Directory and Project Structure (and beware reserved word folder names)

Hi TDM Community

I’m looking for advice on the three alternatives for configuring the “Working Directory and Project Structure” when creating a new Toad project with version control.

The only docs I’ve found discusses only the recommended option “Project and Repostory Structures are Identical (Recommended)”.

I’m attempting to ‘import’ existing folder structures into SVN Projects and then adding Toad-specific resources to each Project. Toad’s insistence on importing files to the Project can only be (reliably) avoided by having all project content - admin, comms, finance, etc., under the one top-leve Project folder and then using Toad’s version control rather than having two version handlers - one for Toad content and one for all the rest of the project resources.

I’ve tested a few alternative structures, but found a new problem for which I’m creating a ‘Case’ ie. folders named “DEV” and “SOURCE” and probably some others look to be Toad Reserved Words and so Toad will not list such Folders when user attempts top add folders to the Project … support case in prep for TDM 6.1.

Any advice/experience on configuring structures for new Projects with version control using the three alternatives would be very welcome.


Data Renovation, Oz.

Hello Greg,

I’m not sure if I understand right. I think you want to share one folder (with Toad Specific Resources) in more Toad Data Modeler Project.

At first Toad Data Modeler Project is Saved to “Project Folder” (In project wizard is on frame “Project Name” under “Path to Project” and in “Project Edit” dialog under “Location”), all files and folder in project must be in this folder or subfolders.

Working Directory specify folder, that will be versioned. It is root folder of SVN repository.

So if I want to share some folder in two project it is necessary to have intersection of Toad Data Modeler Project folder.

For Example I can have this structure on computer-left and in TDM - right. In this Case I have for both project same project directory and working directory is set to project directory. In this example I have one shared Folder “Toad Specific Resource”

If I want to version only folder “Toad Specific Folder” I can set Working directory to this folder.


See, folders Project1 Models and Project2 Models are not versioned(Not displayed status of svn - question mark).

To you problem with DEV and SOURCE folders. I think this folder has Hidden flag in Windows. Hidden Folders are not displayed in “Add Folders to Project” dialog.


Hi Daril, thanks for taking the time to explore this problem.

I’m really just after documentation that describes how the three options in “Working Directory and Project Structure” so I can know which to apply to each circumstance. I really want to understand what these options do so I know when each is the most appropriate choice and, if there is a bug, what the bug is doing that prevents me adding existing folders.

I want a Toad Project to be the root of all that project’s assets - not just Toad-specific models etc. The problem I’m having is that no matter which option I choose (I’m still investigating), I cannot create an SVN Toad project over the top of an existing folder structure so that that Toad then recognises all the existing folders that sit under that Project tree.

Previously, the problem for which I’ve submitted a Support Request was that I asked Toad to add existing Folders to a project, but it would not show folders called DEV and SOURCE that already existed under the Project tree.

Now, Toad is not displaying ANY folders under the Project tree. There must be something I need to do - like Add/Commit etc. - to have Toad display existing folders under the Project root, but I can’t tell if it’s something I’m not doing, or if it’s a problem with the Working Directory and Project Structure. Very annoying - I expected it to be far more intuitive than this - in my view, Toad simply ‘inherits’ the existing folder structure and now I can version the whole Project (Toad insists on importing files - which means it moves/copies them - why not just import then in their place ?)

(Note that DEV and SOURCE discussed in my OP are not hidden folders…that was my first forensic check [:-*] )


Hello Greg,

Setting of Working Directory is not related with display folders in “Add Folders to Project” dialog. You can make Project without SVN and I think your behavior will be same.

I think it will be something specific with folder on your computer. If not hidden, so any other settings as user right or something similar. Can you try to create new project (can be without svn) and store it to some different folder as “C:\TestProject” or something similar.

I find theses cases when this dialog doesn’t show folder:

  • Hidden Folder

  • compressed files or directory (no zip. Right click on folder in Windows Explorer, go to tab General, Click to “Advanced” button)

  • folder for Archive (same dialog as compressed)

  • system file

and maybe some other choices. I think that is bad, that archive flag has impact to display in this dialog I believe that in future will be change.