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How to modify a saved action in DDL Script Generation window


TDM version : 6.0 32-bit

OS : Windows 10

I saved an action in DDL Script Generation, however, I had to make few changes so wanted to save these changes to the existing action. When I click on Save action, it prompts to provide an action name. If I give the same name as of existing action, it simply creates a duplicate action.

In below screenshot, I want to modify “New Action 1”, but as you can see it keeps creating duplicates:



  1. How to modify an existing action.

  2. How to Delete/Rename existing action.



Hi Lalit,

try to open from main menu “Window-Model Actions…”. This is tool for working with model actions. There you can select your model action and from popup menu or toolbar choose edit.


Hi Daril,

That worked, thanks ! I wish it were a primary key sort of so that it won’t allow duplicates at least.