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How to Re-use fixed width import specification ?

I built a import *.tim file for a fixed width file with 75+ fields and it took me 40+ minutes b/c I’m not a surgeon.

I want to build an automation script to import multiple files with the same spec. I assumed you could either add a file to the original *.tim file OR copy the *.tim file and point it to a different file. Apparently the *.tim file spec is tied to the *.fil file you built and saved it with.

How can I reuse the fixed with spec in my *.tim file?

Just experimenting I looked at the FOLDER option which I’ve never used and it indicates that it will import all files with the same file extension in the folder, but again I have to rebuild the spec and not only that , the spec build point and click doesn’t seem to work. (i wont go into those details here).



You can use your .tim file as a template like i use to do !

You can put it in a “loop” or “while” activity.

Simply use “copy file activity” before and after the “import activity”.

First copy to rename the source file as it called in import template. (X1.xlsx to ZZ.xlsx for example)

import file ZZ.xlsx

rename ZZ.xlsx to X1.xlsx or whatever you want to keep original file

rename X2.xlsx to ZZ.xlsx

import ZZ.xlsx

rename ZZ.xlsx to X2.xlsx or whatever you want to keep original file

Loop again !

Excellent. thanks.