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How to read EXCEL data in TOAD

How do we use toad to read excel data without storing it in an ORACLE table?

You could go through the data import wizard (Database -> Import -> Import Table Data) and just not click the “Execute” button at the end. There is a preview page before you do the actual import.

Other than that, there isn’t really any kind of “Excel file viewer” in Toad.

Toad Data Point will connect directly to your Excel spreadsheet and allow you to read that data. You can manipulate the data for say, reporting and charting, etc. You can also join between an Excel spreadsheet and an Oracle table and run queries that will pull data back from both sources.

You can get more information on this Toad World page:


there is a small trick that can full fill your needs.

  1. You should save your excel as csv file.
  2. create external table which point to this csv file.
    Then you can query that data as any normal Oracle table…with smaller performance decrease of course.
    Just take care of nls settings (decimal point, date format … formatted before you save to csv if needed).
    Thios is something I did on many customer sites with real success.