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How to set the Oracle explain plan table in Data Point?

Hey guys,

In Toad for Oracle 10 I can change what table Toad will use for explain plans.

View -> Toad Options -> Oracle -> General

I can set my plan table to be what it needs to be (where everyone puts explain plans) = SYS.PLAN_TABLE$

However I can not find how to do this in Data Point 3.4. The only help I have found is this:

Which just says that I need permission on these objects. However I can not get access to these (DBA’s etc etc). I NEED to be able to target SYS.PLAN_TABLE$.

Does anyone know how to do this?

On the connection window for Oracle click on the Explain plan option. A pop-up window will display an you can choose any other explain plan table that exists.

You are a superstar Debbie!!! I looked everywhere BUT there. :slight_smile: Problem sorted. Thanks so much.