How to show schemas preceding the table names in the Workspace Properties window


I am using Toad Data Modeler 6.2 and I have created a new workspace >> right click Edit >> and then the ‘Workspace Properties’ window is presented. I can see a list with all my tables but I need them being preceded by the schema name as some tables have the same name and then I don’t have a way to figure out which ones I am looking for and I have to add them both and then remove the one with the wrong schema.

I guess I am looking for something similar to the option ‘Full Names’ in the dropdown in the menu closed to the Report button.

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Hi Sergio,

you are right. This dialog need to be improved I create task TDM-3448 on this. You can track this in release notes.

Thank you for Idea


Hi Sergio,

This has been fixed in version 6.3 which can be downloaded at

So now full names of entities can be displayed in Workspace Properties.

For more information about this release please have a look at the Releases Notes at…/technical-documents