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show schema for each entity

Hi - Is there a way to display the schema for each Entity in the database model? Either by color or by name in the diagram that displays the Entities? If this is possible, how is it accomplished?


select Full Names item from the combo box that is next to Autolayout icon on toolbar or click View | Display Mode | Full Names.

Tip: Create category for each schema. Then add objects to each category. One category = one color. This can help you to visualize entities from different schemas better.



Is there a way to make the Full Names stay visible when the model is updated? Whenever I do a Model > Model Update the names always revert to the object name without the schema, even though the full names had been displayed prior to the model update.

Hi knot22,
when you do update model you can uncheck Name Mode(under model) property on Select Items frame. If you do it, settings of display name stay same.

Second possibility is set default value for all new WS. You can do it in Menu Settings-Options, in left tree choose Physical Model, tab Workspace, options Display Mode. Set it to Full Names.