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Function help


Can anyone shed a light to this? Is it already there or not? I find it strange
that I can get help with UDFs/USPs but not with standard functions. I am really
missing this feature…


On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 10:38 AM, S. Ercan Yüzbasioglu < > wrote:

Hi all,

maybe this is already an available feature and I am not aware of it: Is it
possible to get context-sensitive function help for standard functions as it
is for UDFs? I always forget the parameter order of some date-time functions
so it would be great if I could get parameters listed after hitting "(" when
typing DATEDIFF(...

Using beta on XP.



The reason why we support it for user functions and not built in functions is
that the user functions and their parameters are available for inspection in the
system tables. This is not possible for built in functions, however we do have
code snippets available for using system functions that gives you almost the
same functionality for these too using code completion.


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