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How to view server output in 6.1?


I have View>Output on, and I’ve checked the “Direct results to Output” in the execution window. I still get no stored procedure cursor output, other than “Debug session started” and “Debug session ended”.

In older versions of SQL Nav there was an option on the execution window that said “Direct values of OUT parameters to DBMS_OUTPUT” and you were supposed to uncheck it to see the cursor output. I can’t find this option in 6.1, even though the online help still mentions it.

I’m about to pull all my hair out - am I missing something??? My ref cursors are returned as OUT parameters.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Scott,

The option “Direct values of OUT parameters to DBMS_OUTPUT” is renamed to “Direct results to Output”. It’s still on the execution console which is relocated to the bottom of the object after the Run button is pressed.

SQL Navigator doesn’t support cursor output. 5.5 and 6.1 is the same. This option only works with simple data type such as: date, number, varchar, etc. You would have to modify the code yourseld to have the output printed out.