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"Show Output" window does not display an output window



I am using SQLNavigator version

Everything is working fine, except there are times when I can no longer bring up an output window. I call our internal help desk where I work and all they do is reload my SQLNavigator. This gets to be a pain because this happens every few weeks.

I was not able to figure out why it goes away, but today I figured it out. If the output window is displayed and I drag it off the screen then I can’t get it back again. I’ve tried shutting down SQLNav and when I bring it back up, I still can’t the window to display again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is happening to many people where I work and we’re tired of having to get SQLNavigator reinstalled everytime this happens.




Hi Brian, and welcome to the SQL Nav community…

It is strange that this happens to you with such regularity, and to so many people in your office. It leads me to believe that thee is something common to the PCs in your office that is somehow effecting the SQL Nav installations??

It is a relatively simple procedure to re-set your docking windows. This will return all dockable windows (including the output window) to their respective default positions.

You need to open a registry editor and delete the following key (refer also to the attached image):

Note: Close SQL Navigator before deleting the registry key.

My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT _USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 5.5.0\Docking Windows

The next time you launch SQL Navigator all the dockable windows will return to their default positions and the registry key will be re-written.

No other information or preferences within the application will be effected by the removal of this key.

This will certainly be easier than re-installing the application.

In the meantime, we will give some though to why your settings are becoming corrupted.

  • Jaime -



Thank you for your suggestion. This worked for me.

Have you been able to think about what causes this problem for us?

I can make the window disappear by dragging the output window to the lower right hand corner of my screen and then keep moving it further and further until it disappears.

Once it disappears, it doesn’t come back.

Any help would be appreciated.

Your solution worked fine for me, but other people in my department don’t have ADMIN privs on their PC and need to call out help desk and have them fix the problem for them.



Hi again Brian…
Have they tried the obvious fix…
Resetting the docking position:
View -> Screen Layout -> Reset Docking (see attachmnet).

This should work okay, if none of the registy settings are corrupt.

  • Jaime -


Yes. That solution got my output window back, but my question is why is my window disappearing?

This did not happen in previous version of SQLNav.

Please see my previous post that reports on one way I can make the window disappear. There are other times, it just disappears.



Just one more comment.

Just resetting my docking windows does not work. I actually have to delete the key out of the registry.


Hi Brian,

I don’t know why your’s is disappearing with such ease and regularity.
We have had instances of the ‘docking window’s’ registry keys requiring deleting, but these are generally one-offs.

I cannot make mine disappear using your steps. I can always see the edge of the window and bring it back into view.
Do you always use the output window as a floating window? Most people seem to have it docked, or set to auto hide.

We are still investigating…

  • Jaime -


I too have experienced this issue ( The only solution was to delete the key (and all of the subkeys under it). Tried the solutions listed in the help (view output window, or reset - neither worked). Thanks for the solution.


You’re welcome JBerry…
Have you tried the beta and the new Code Editor out yet??

  • Jaime -