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HTML Schema Doc Generator does not Support Long Object Names

Using newer Oracle releases, Object Names can now be up to 128 characters long, but it seems the "HTML Schema Doc Generator" truncates the names to 30 characters when you select specific Items in the In/Exclusion Tab. Below is what I selected in the In/Exclusion Tab:


I turned on Spool SQL to determine why only 3 Views are included in the output and here is the first query:


Notice the names of the first, second and last objects in the "IN" list were all truncated and thus do not get included in the Report. This truncation happens throughout all the queries that attempt to subset the results based on objects selected in the "In/Exclusion" tab.

I did find if I created an Inclusion file that contained "STARTSWITH:IE_AZURE_" then it produced the correct output.


If you click the "Create View List File" button, the first 27 CR/LF hex character pairs (0D 0A) are missing and all the intro instructions are one one long line in the file as shown below:

I believe it should actually look like this:


The same thing happens when using the Create Table List file on the "In/Exclusion" Tab.
Below is a sample of what is generated.

Test.txt (1.2 KB)

I also just noticed when looking at a View in the report once generated, the second header where it says "View {view name} is referenced by" should actually say "View {view name} references" or something similar. Below you can see the error, this View selects from the object in MEDLKPADM:

Thanks. I can reproduce these and will fix.

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You are the best!!!

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Thanks for reporting these things!