HUGECLOB-XML-Output with sqlplus doesn't work. But in Toad everything OK

HUGECLOB-XML-Output with sqlplus doesn’t work. But
in Toad everything OK

Hi Sven,

I'm sure I've see this before, and answered, however ....

This is the relevant part of my shell script

set echo Off
set term On
set pages 0
set head off
set ver off
set feed off
set trims on

have you tried adding set long 2000000000 if you are on 10g and above?
That determines the maxiumn size that a LONG, CLOB, NCLOB or XMLType is
displayed by sqlplus.

The SQL statement works well in Toad and gives me a huge XML output
(HUGECLOB) - 1MB file. But with sqlplus I see only one partial row.
See above. Toad is much more user friendly/

Norm. [TeamT]