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I can't use toad 11.6 32bit on widows7 64bit,why?

can’t open…

问题事件名称: APPCRASH
应用程序名: Toad.exe
应用程序时间戳: 503fdb48
故障模块名称: StackHash_090a
故障模块时间戳: 00000000
异常代码: c0000005
异常偏移: 00000000
OS 版本: 6.1.7601.
区域设置 ID: 2052
其他信息 1: 090a
其他信息 2: 090aa6e40782a02ca54c204f88d5f71b
其他信息 3: d261
其他信息 4: d2616f48292c61b248719b662f5f7e5a



I ran into this trying to use Toad 11.6 64bit on Windows 7 64 Bit laptop. On mine it failed because the oracle client we used was 32 bit. So I removed the 64bit Toad version and loaded the 32bit and it worked. This may not be the same issue that you are having but it sounded similar.

It can run toad 64bit on windows7 64bit ,I used 11g 64bit client…