I would like to see the queries that runs to my DB

I have created a MariaDB database on a cloud server and I want to check the queries that runs on it from my windows PC.
I also want to run queries manually, optimize them (add indexes after advice).

Is TOAD the right tool ?

You are in the Toad for Oracle forum. Toad for Oracle is not the right tool for MariaDB.

Toad Edge and I think Toad Data Point can connect to MariaDB, but I am not sure if they will do what you are asking about.

I'll move your post to the Toad Edge forum. Hopefully someone there can give you a better answer.

Hi, and welcome to the Toad Edge forums page.
You can utilize the SQL Monitor feature of Toad to view the running queries/activity of your MariaDB database. This video shows how to enable and use the feature.

You can run queries manually via the SQL Editor window but at this point the tool doesn't offer optimization/indexing advice for your queries. Perhaps the Explain Plan feature can help with SQL tuning. The user guide provides add'l details.