Toad for Oracle SQL Optimizer

To whom it may concern
I have a question about Toad.
my job requirement I write very complex SQL queries, also these queries running on billions of rows.
As you know, while oracle enterprise manager shows us the sql plan, SQL works line by line.
But toad just shows us the SQL plan with ctrl+e.
I wonder,
Can a different "toad" license show us the plan instantly while the SQL query is running?
Also, I might try the trial version if possible.

Hi Coskun,

Just to make sure I understand: You have a long running query, and you want to see the explain plan for it while it executes, and have the current step highlighted while the query executes?

Toad doesn't have that ability, but I can investigate it. I think that could be a good thing to add to the Session Browser.


Hi John,
You got it absolutely right.
I'm looking forward to your reply.

Hello John,

Is there any progress on the subject ?

I have logged it as an enhancement request, but I have not started working on it.